Sunday, January 26, 2014

Digital Photo Media: Portrait Photography By Senol Zorlu

For my second blog, I will be talking about Portrait Photography. It is also known as Portraiture. It is the photography of a person that displays certain expression, emotion or personality. This is kind of photography focuses more on to that person’s face, although the body and the background or context may be included. Portrait photography has been started since the invention of camera.

The Portrait Photographer of my choice is Senol Zorlu. He is a Turkish photographer living and working in Germany. He focused on portraying the people, places as well as their culture. It’s a bit of documentary kind of photography. His project is independent and it’s a headstrong project. In those photos, it displays the expression of a personal view of people and instances. He is also a researcher for street children in Heidelberg. He seeks to explore ethnographical photography on the base of scientific research methods.

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